STAND celebrates the power of ordinary people to change the world. With us, third level students in Ireland can share ideas about standing up for justice and equality, learn more about global issues, and find out what you can do to take positive action.

We believe in

Standing against injustice and inequality in all its forms

People in Ireland and all over the globe are fighting for a more equal and just society. We are committed to sharing their stories and adding our voices to theirs.

Standing together with those who are oppressed

Millions of people worldwide are facing intolerance and persecution, fleeing violence and war, living in poverty and dying of hunger. We are committed to showing solidarity with them.

Standing up for a better, fairer world.

Our actions have the power to change the world. We are committed to exploring the ways in which we can all come together as global citizens to take action for social and environmental justice.


Joanne Mulligan – Activities Manager

After graduating with a Masters in International Security & Conflict Studies, Joanne had dreams of becoming the next Carrie Masterson from Homeland! However, she soon shifted her focus to the development education world, travelling to places like Uganda, Haiti and Kenya with her work. In addition to her love of travelling, Joanne enjoys guessing which Hogwarts House people are in, as well as taking endless photos of her new kitty, Missy! Joanne manages three of our projects: STAND Student Festival, Global Issues Course, and the Ideas Collective.



Mary Fleming – Engagement & Marketing Manager

Mary is a graduate of Multimedia Production and left the dark side of corporate marketing for the wonderful world of NGO’s in 2018. It was a pet rabbit called Pierre who originally inspired Mary to live more consciously and try to encourage others to do the same, and when she’s not asking people what their star sign is you’ll find her over-watering her plants or up-cycling some junk at home. It’s Mary’s job to make sure that students across Ireland know what opportunities are available to them through STAND, and also to ensure that they don’t go ‘uuugh’ when they look at our communications.




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