Christmas time is the time of year where the diet goes out the window and we eat the best food. However even still there is plenty of food waste at Christmas. Here’s how you can lower your food waste this Christmas.

  • Buy a smaller turkey this year- if you’re finding that every year you are having a large amount of turkey left over why not switch to a smaller turkey this year, you’ll still get your turkey fix and reducing food waste at the same time.
  • find recipes online that will use up your leftovers- turkey stir fry is delicious why not try using your leftover turkey to make some very tasty recipes.
  • Buy less- a rather simple tip but if every year you’re finding that you are having a large amount of leftovers then why not but less this year. The only day the shops are shut is Christmas Day so best to buy less and if you do need more you can always head down to the local shop to buy more. This way you are highly reducing your food waste.
  • Only cook what you’ll need, one of the main problems is that we overcook  and then the food we have made isn’t eaten and goes off. So only cool what you think will be eaten to reduce food waste.
  • Instead of simply throwing out your food when it hasn’t been eaten, compost it. Most of us have a compost bin so why not help the environment and dispose properly.
  • finally the best one is make a sandwich with the leftovers, there’s nothing better than using left over turkey and ham to make a sandwich on Stephens day. It’s a great midnight snack and you reduce food waste.


Photo credit: Gabriel Garcia Marengo

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