Denmark is feeling the full impact of the recently enforced “Burqa Ban” in the country as a 28 year old woman was the first to be fined for wearing clothing which covered her face.

The ban created outrage as many Muslims see the Burqa as a symbol of religious belief. The woman was fined 1,000 kroner for wearing her niqab (€104). A woman tried to remove the woman’s niqab during a fight while at a shopping centre in Horsholm when the police were alerted to the incident.

The woman was notified that if she kept her burqa on she would receive a fine, in accordance with the recently imposed ban, which she chose to accept.

The incident sparked outrage amongst the Islamic community, especially with women who wear the burqa as a religious symbol, and prompted many to protest the ban in Copenhagen last Wednesday while wearing niqabs.

Denmark also joins other European countries such as Austria and France, which enforce similar bans that are “discriminatory” according to Human Rights Watch who added that this is the “latest in a harmful trend”.

Photo by Harits Mustya Pratama on Unsplash

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