A colossal 235 million items of clothing are estimated to have ended up in British landfills in Spring 2016 according to the Guardian, with a survey by Sainsburys suggesting that three quarters of Brits choose to throw out old clothes rather than recycle or donate them. Our appetite for cheap disposable clothing has gotten out of hand, and it’s coming at a huge environmental and human cost.   

The Nu Wardrobe is a new online start-up established by two former Suas volunteers. Nu was designed by Ali and Aisling to empower students to make positive change. The girls say they are “creating an online clothes-sharing platform for female university students to share and borrow their clothes for any occasion. As students can borrow rather than buy, they can save money and reduce waste without compromising on style.”

Ali and Aisling joined The Ideas Collective, a Suas programme that guides young people through a series of workshops that empower them to take action on an issue. Through this, The Nu Wardrobe was born.

Nu could reinvent the way we shop as, instead of buying countless one time wears, you can swap clothes with others to create countless new looks that have no expense or environmental impact. As Nu say on their website, “You don’t need 50 dresses, you just need one dress and 50 friends”.  

Ali and Aisling are planning to launch their new platform across ten colleges in the UK and Ireland this September and are looking for student volunteers to be Brand Ambassadors and Early Adopters. See nuwardrobe.com for details.

The Ideas Collective on Campus will be running some workshops in the autumn. Check out the Suas Facebook page for updates or subscribe to get the latest info straight to your email.


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