Student Hack: Save time and energy with this clever microwave trick

Student Hack: Save time and energy with this clever microwave trick

The microwave has forever been a student staple, heating dinners quickly after a long day of lectures and society meetings. But what happens when you and your room mate both want to heat food at the same time? Full blown rows have started over less. So why not try this clever hack that not only saves time, but also energy? Some internet genius has devised a way to heat two separate meals at the same time. Simply put one dish in the microwave as normal, and place the other in a raised position on top of an upside down cup, et voilla! Two dinners ready in minutes and peace throughout the dorm. Not to mention a smiling planet.

Prepare to launch! Nu clothes sharing website gets huge response from students

Prepare to launch! Nu clothes sharing website gets huge response from students

The Nu Wardrobe is an online clothes sharing platform devised by our Ideas Collective participants Ali and Aisling. The aim of this start up is to create an online hub where students can borrow and share clothes, reducing clothing waste.


As some of you may know from our previous Stand article, Ali and Aisling are two bright entrepreneurs who began with nothing except an idea to create change. They wanted to combat clothing waste from fast fashion, and after months of working tirelessly towards their goal, they have arrived at the launch of NU, which took place last week on September 18th.


According to Aisling, the launch was a great success “It’s brilliant to see people already uploading their pieces and requesting to borrow items. There are 200 people on the platform and 170 pieces uploaded already which is great”.


Nu has taken off quicker than they ever imagined “I was surprised at how quickly people started to borrow clothes and what their requests were. I thought it would really be ball season or Christmas when people would start borrowing, but many people have actually started borrowing staple wardrobe pieces eg. jackets and jumpers for periods ranging from 3 weeks, to 1 month, to 3 months. This is really great to see as it shows that people are really using Nu to change up their wardrobe all through the year and not just for special occasions”.


Check out their explainer video below for the full details about how the site works.



Although it’s still a work in progress, the future looks very bright for Nu. “There are lots of small things that we are still working through but we learn so much the more that people use it. The only way for us to grow and get it right is for people to test the platform and give us their feedback.”


You can check out the platform here: So log on and get swapping!


Photographer: Hayley Stuart
Ditch the car, it’s World Car Free Day!

Ditch the car, it’s World Car Free Day!

World Car Free Day takes place today, and with so much air, traffic and noise pollution, it has never been more important to remove as many cars from our cities as possible.

There are some great events taking place all over Ireland today, so it’s never been easier to get involved and simply leave the car at home.

Why not join the Mass Cycle Ride in Galway City this morning at 11am from Eyre Square? Three secondary schools are participating and the event is being run by Green-Schools and supported by Galway City Council.

In Co. Mayo, Westport Smarter Travel are running a cycling tour that will explore Westport venues on Culture Night. The meeting point is tonight at Westport Town Hall at 6:00pm. Smarter Travel say “It’s a great way to get around the town on the night and to soak up the atmosphere”. They are also running a  FREE commuter train, with pick ups all over the town.

In Tralee, Kerry County Council is installing new bicycle stands on Princes Street opposite the Brandon Hotel which will hopefully make taking the bike to work a much easier option. They are also offering FREE Travel on the Tralee Peoples Bus all day today.

So walk, cycle or join an event. Just make sure you take one small step to help tackle car pollution and climate change.

A special thanks to An Taisce for working with Stand on this for World Car Free Day, and if you want to get further involved in tackling climate change, why not sign up to their climate ambassadors programme? It’s open to all second and third level students. Visit for more info.

Want to take action? Check out our semester one events round up

Want to take action? Check out our semester one events round up

Want to take action and make this college year count? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of events for every month of semester one, so jump in and get involved.

September – March for Choice.This year’s 6th Annual March for choice takes place on Saturday 30th September. The March begins at the Garden of Remembrance at 1.30pm, before culminating at the Dáil at 2pm.

October – IAmIrish – Exhibition and Conversation.This celebration of mixed race Irish identity takes place on Wednesday 25th October in Axis Ballymun at 7pm.

November – Dublin Run in the Dark.This year’s run takes place on Tuesday 14th November to raise money in the hopes of fast tracking a cure for paralysis. The multi location event begins at Custom House at 8pm.

December – Santa Dash Dublin. Raise money for a good cause and have fun too. Santa Dash Dublin takes place on Sunday December 3rd at the beach on North Bull Island in Clontarf from 2-5pm. Everyone who takes part gets a Santa suit, with kids getting a free present from Santa in his igloo!

January – DSPCA Volunteer Oreintation. On Saturday 6th January 2018 the DSPCA are holding an orientation for new and potential volunteers at the DSPCA Rescue Centre in Rathfarnham at 11:00am. But don’t worry if you miss this one, they hold orientations on the first Saturday of every month.

Photo Credit: DSPCA

Switch Off, Save Energy; Win Prizes! The USI launch new student project

Switch Off, Save Energy; Win Prizes! The USI launch new student project

Want to save money as well as helping the environment? The Union of Students in Ireland have recently launched a new European project SAVES2, which encourages students to cut their energy costs and help the environment by carrying out simple energy saving tasks to win prizes.

Student Switch Off Coordinator Darcy Lonergan explains the project. “We are asking students to help us tackle climate change by carrying out simple energy saving activities such as ‘switching off the light’, ‘not leaving things on standby’, and ‘putting a lid on when cooking’. Students have a chance to win prizes along the way by posting photos of themselves and their friends carrying out these activities on our Facebook wall. On four campuses in Ireland (DCU, NUIG, Maynooth and UCC) we will run a friendly race between students in apartment buildings. We will monitor the data of each building and the building who reduces the most amount of energy wins a big prize at the end of the year.”

SAVES2 has already taken off across Europe. It now runs internationally in 7 countries after originating in the UK. But why did it all start? “There are many reasons to run this program; to help combat climate change, to educate students on how to make savings and to tackle fuel poverty. We wanted to show that saving energy can have a real impact and the positive habits students gain from this campaign can be carried out throughout their lives”.

According to Darcy, you don’t have to live on campus to get involved as there are two different campaigns to take part in. “SSO (Student Switch Off) is the competition we run on the four campuses. It focuses on students on campus saving energy and will reach 114,000 students over three academic years. SSO+ is the second phase of the campaign which focuses on students in private sector accommodation. We will educate them on what they should look for when searching for accommodation such as energy ratings, insulation etc. This will reach 105,358 students in 7 countries over three academic years.”

So how can we get involved? “Right now we are mainly focusing on Students from the 4 Universities (DCU.,NUIG,UCC and Maynooth). If any students from these colleges are interested they can email  or follow our Facebook pages. Each University has its own page. The name of the page will be the university name followed by student switch off. For instance, UCC page is “UCC Student Switch Off”. For those students really interested, we have the Ambassador challenge.The ambassador is an enthusiastic student who helps us run the campaign within a campus by raising awareness, promoting our competitions and photo actions and helping with events. Email for details”.

And you don’t have to attend DCU, UCC, NUIG or Maynooth to take part. “Of course, all students can get involved to help us tackle climate change, simply like our pages and carry out the energy saving activities/tips we provide.” So what are you waiting for? Get involved and start saving energy and money. It’s a win win.

Photo Credit: USI 

Choose to reuse: Ask your campus cafe to be responsible this semester

Choose to reuse: Ask your campus cafe to be responsible this semester

Responsible Cafes is an Australian campaign that encourages waste reduction by offering discounts to customers who bring their own reusable coffee cups. According to the organisation, “becoming a responsible cafe saves money and reduces waste, and incentivises customers to do the right thing by bringing their own cups”.

But how can we in Ireland get involved? Well, the first place to start is by asking your college cafes to follow suit and make themselves more sustainable, be this through discounts for reusable cups or biodegradable disposable options. DCU are already in the process of making themselves more sustainable, “At present the head of catering is working with the Sustainability Office in relation to the introduction of compostable coffee cups being rolled out where possible in DCU.”

So get involved and ask your campus cafe to become a responsible one this semester.