What is Desertification?
Desertification is a process by which a fertile land becomes a desert due to drought, deforestation and exhaustive use of land for agriculture. This affects the soil productivity.

Why should we care?
Urban development has led to the mismanagement of natural resources and has resulted in large-scale food and water loss. It also leads to an excessive emission of greenhouse gases which has contributed drastically to global warming. Desertification has thus, led to the forced migration of thousands of people across the world in last few decades. The livelihood of people who depend on farming and agriculture are now forced to find other locations for survival.

What can we do?
Every year the United Nations Convention to combat desertification (UNCCD) observe an international day to raise awareness. UNCCD through this campaign urges all of us to sustainably use land and resources, and promote awareness of international efforts. The day falls on June 17th this year, and the #2018WDCD campaign aims to raise awareness about our everyday decisions that have an impact on the environment and specifically forced migration. If we spend our money on fairly traded products, much can be done to avoid degradation of land resources.

You can do your part in observing WDCD2018 by hosting an event and sending a short paragraph with information about the date, venue and activities that you have planned to the WDCD. The WDCD2018 will use it as part of their global country-by-country infographic.

Send emails to  2018WDCD@unccd.int

Photo by Benny Jackson on Unsplash

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