New York Fashion Week (NYFW) made history in September when they showcased their most diverse casting of models. 

There has been a rise in the representation of minorities and other marginalized groups in media and other platforms, which has been met with praise and high success. Having people of different backgrounds lets people from all over the world see themselves represented on a huge stage. 

NYFW is being applauded for using people of all skin colours, body types, genders and sexualities across their 76 shows, which took place from Friday September 6th to Saturday September 14th. 

Out of the 2,203 models used during the week 44.8 percent of models on the runways were people of colour, this is 7.5 percent more than 2018’s 37.3 percent. Eight of the designers used more than 70 percent of models of colour in their shows, with Pyer Moss and Claudia Li using only models of colour to showcase their clothes. 

49 plus sized models were casted for this year’s season walking in 12 different shows, almost doubling from the 27 used last year in 8  shows. Chromat casted 13 plus sized models, which was the highest number this season, they also used 91.7 percent of people of colour. 

One show that was hailed for its diversity and inclusivity was SavagexFenty, which is Rihanna’s clothing line with Savage. Her casting got a lot of media attention for its diverse model choices which included models of different ethnicities, sexualities, genders and abilities (some models had prosthetic legs). 

In a clip from the show Rihanna said “It’s very important that the casting kind of tells the narrative of what the brand stands for, and what we stand for mainly here is inclusivity. That’s what I stand for with everything I create.” 

NYFW 2019 has helped in the fight to redefine beauty standards in the beauty and fashion world.



Photo on Wikimedia Commons



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