12th-24th October 2020



This year’s theme is ‘climate migration’

Climate migrants are people who have no other choice but to leave their homes due to the negative impact of climate change.

Over two weeks in October 2020, STAND are inviting third level students across Ireland to join us for a series of free on and offline events that will raise awareness on the issue of climate enforced migration and why we should care about it in Ireland.

“Refugees are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, with the same hopes and ambitions as us—except that a twist of fate has bound their lives to a global refugee crisis on an unprecedented scale.”

Khaled Hosseini

“It is the obligation of every person born in a safer room to open the door when someone in danger knocks.”

Dina Nayeri

“No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

Warsan Shire

Let’s talk about climate migration

A space where climate change and social justice issues collide


Climate migrants, otherwise known as ‘climate refugees’ or ‘environmental migrants’, are a subset of migrants who are forced to flee due to sudden or gradual alterations in the natural environment that makes their homelands uninhabitable. 

The most common reasons climate migrants seek refuge in other countries are:

Sea-level rise

Extreme weather events

Drought and water scarcity

No. of millions expected to live below high-tide lines by 2050

No. of millions of people who are at-risk of being displaced as a result of drought by 2030

No. of Small Island Developing states at risk of disappearing


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A Multi-Dimensional Approach to the Climate Crisis

Climate cases worldwide have had symbolic value and created developments and clarifications in their own countries in several jurisdictions. Although national litigation has a role to play, it is limited in scope. In order to have a strategy effective overall to climate change, a multi-dimensional approach is also needed.

World Refugee Day 2020

On June 20th is World Refugee Day. At least 70.8 million people around the world are fleeing from their homes. Those seeking asylum in Ireland are offered accommodation by the government. This system is called Direct Provision. COVID-19 showed again how bad the circumstances for refugees are in Direct Provision centres.

Living in Fear: Residents of the Moria Refugee Camp

As restrictions lift across Europe and the wider world, an atmosphere of nervous excitement and relief is rising throughout the country. After almost three months in lockdown, we are eager to get back to life in this ‘new normal’. Unfortunately, for so many, the COVID-19 virus still poses a very real concern. On the Greek island of Lesbos, residents of the Moria refugee camp live with this constant threat. An outbreak in the camp would be undoubtedly disastrous.

EU ‘Covered Up’ Croatian Border Brutality against Migrants

EU officials have been accused of an “outrageous cover-up” after withholding evidence of a failure by Croatia’s government to supervise police brutality of migrants and refugees at its borders. This throws a spotlight on both the Croatian government’s human rights record and the apparent willingness of the EU to cover for its failure.

Concerns Grow on Coronavirus Spread in Bangladeshi Refugee Camps

While the coronavirus pandemic creates chaos and trauma in communities across the globe, rather than being a ‘great equaliser’, the virus, in many cases, is causing the greatest harm to those already vulnerable. The Rohingya Muslims are one group identified by organisations such as Oxfam and WHO as being at risk of coronavirus spreading rapidly through their community.

The Crumbling Humanitarian Situation on Lesbos

In recent years the Greek island of Lesbos has become a gateway for hundreds of thousands of people seeking refuge from war-torn countries such as Syria and Afghanistan. Moria, the largest refugee camp on Lesbos, has now far exceeded its capacity, and its living conditions are coming under increasing scrutiny.

7 Common Myths About Migration

Studying migration makes you face a lot of assumptions that you have about the scary and controversial topic that it is. Migration might just be one of the most misunderstood areas of life, governance, and public policy. In this article, we lay out some of the most common myths about the topic, and bust them for you.

Conversations from Calais: The Poster Project Bringing Humanity Back Into the Refugee Crisis

In October 2016, bulldozers came into the refugee camp known as the Calais Jungle and tore apart the shelters that thousands of migrants had made their homes. Although it has been more than three years since the official eviction, it’s estimated that there are still almost 1,500 migrants living in the forests near Calais and Dunkirk, with around 200 of those being unaccompanied minors.

Asylum Seekers host Feminist Conference for International Women’s Day

On the 7th of March 2020, the organisation ‘Abolish Direct Provision’ hosted the first Asylum Seekers Feminist Conference, with the aim of uniting and empowering women in Direct Provision. The event, held in DCU, was attended by asylum seekers from Direct Provision centres all around the country.

An Interview with OurTable: “It All Comes Down to Integration”

STAND’s Cedric speaks to Ellie Kisyombe from Our TABLE Dublin about the history of Direct Provision in Ireland, changes to the system and the role of ‘OurTable’. 

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