The Ideas Collective is a fun, hands-on summer programme that provides a creative space for you to join with other innovators to get your idea for social or environmental change off the ground.

We’re living in a time of rapid change, uncertainty and worldwide unrest. Global problems such as the refugee crisis, climate change and inequality affect us all, and our leaders don’t seem to have the answers. But here’s the thing – we’re also living in a time where we have incredible opportunities for change! Big strides are being made for equality both in Ireland and around the world. Resourceful, passionate people like you can make a lasting difference.


Over the course of three weekends from June to August, you’ll get expert advice and support to help you develop your idea for social and/or environmental change. You can come with your own idea or take up one of the Idea Collective challenges! If we don’t step up to help solve the problems our world is facing, who will? Sign up for our information pack or follow us on Facebook to stay updated


Aisling and Ali came to us with their idea for Nu.Ethical – an innovative fashion community that seeks a sustainable, ethical alternative to the fast fashion industry. Nu runs events around Dublin with creative new ideas and alternatives to fast fashion including swap-shops and upcycling workshops. It’s about establishing a community of people who believe there is a better way, a way of dressing that doesn’t harm our planet and doesn’t exploit millions of garment workers.

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