The Ideas Collective 

We support people who want to take action on the issues they care about. We know that all great ideas have to start somewhere…

Problems like climate change, forced migration, and gender inequality affect us all. These problems aren’t going away and we can’t wait around for someone else to tackle them…

We’re fed up just talking about these issues, now’s the time to do something. Are you passionate about an issue but not sure where to start? Or have you already started taking action and need a boost?

We’re as passionate about creating change as you are, and have the experience and expertise to make your idea a reality.



We offer a creative and collaborative space, with like-minded people to harness the potential power of your idea! You will create your own individual or group action project* that contributes to making social or environmental change. It could be almost anything – an event, a website, a product or service, a campaign, or a business. We come together for three weekends over the summer – 16th & 17th June, 21st & 22nd July, and 25th & 26th August.* You can join The Ideas Collective on your own or as a group of up to four people.

At the training:

  • We use interactive learning methods and tools to explore the issues and identify the problem you want to solve.
  • We use creative and innovative approaches to develop your idea for action.
  • We create a dynamic collective who support each other to bring ideas to life.

Between the training weekends you’ll also work for a few hours each week on your project, and get mentoring support to keep it moving forward.

At the end of the programme you will:

  • Pitch your idea at The Ideas Collective Showcase. Get feedback from sector experts and peers, and build support for your project beyond the programme.
  • Have created a project that changes attitudes and makes a difference to the lives of others.
  • Have a project that you can grow to become your own job, and/or a great experience to put on your CV.
  • Have gained serious skills that set you apart from the rest.


All Ireland Student Activist Network – Nils, Aine, Jessie and Deirdre knew that young people wanted to get involved with campaigning but lacked opportunities to share resources and experience. So they created a national network of young people, offering training and support to activists involved in environmental and social justice campaigns.

Everyday Stories – Caoimhe and Mary wanted to tackle the reproductive rights issues surrounding the 8th Amendment. Everyday Stories has grown to become a story and illustration project with regular events around Ireland and has received national and international press coverage.

Just Cook Galway – Siri wanted to set up a project at the crossroads of environmental sustainability, community development, and health and nutrition. She set up Just Cook to change the way students think about food through her website, cooking meetups and events.

Precious Plastic – Gaby was frustrated by the amount of single-use plastic we consume and thrown away. She spotted an international project called Precious Plastic and decided to bring it to Ireland. The project aims to recycle plastic locally using open source machines and offers educational workshops for children and young people.

The Glass Wall – Ciaran and Robin set up The Glass Wall, a marketing and social media consultancy for NGOs, because they loved the work of lots of charities and organisations, but noticed they often didn’t tell their great stories online. They also inspire activism and engagement with issues through their e-magazine, social media, and events.

Welcome Refugees: Education for All – Deirdre came to The Ideas Collective to challenge the issue that third-level education is totally out of reach for young asylum seekers living in Direct Provision in Ireland. She recently set up the STAR Society in DIT to advocate for scholarships for young people in DP and to raise money to support their other costs.

What you can achieve in just a few years…In 2015 Aisling and Ali came to us with their idea for Nu. – now an award-winning, innovative fashion community that seeks a sustainable, ethical alternative to the fast fashion industry. After spending the summer of 2013 in India with the Suas Volunteer Programme, Ali and Aisling were appalled by the poor working conditions of many garment workers there. They set up Nu. to create a community of people who believe there is a better way, a way of dressing that doesn’t harm our planet and doesn’t exploit millions of workers. You can attend their events and swap shops, and now borrow and share your wardrobe online.

What gets under your skin? And what are we going to do about it?


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