How to avoid food waste this Christmas

Christmas time is the time of year where the diet goes out the window and we eat the best food. However even still there is plenty of food waste at Christmas. Here’s how you can lower your food waste this Christmas. Buy a smaller turkey this year- if you’re finding...

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Three ways to be green this Christmas

Looking to be a bit more environmentally friendly this Christmas? Then look no further we are going to give you a few small ways you can go green this Christmas. So much money is spent on Christmas every year and subsequently there is a lot of waste that is harmful to...

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D.I.Y Christmas decorations

We all love the time of year when we put up our decorations and everything  starts to become festive. How about this year getting a little crafty and making your own decorations. Here’s a few little ideas to get you started.   1. Pinning a Christmas themed picture to...

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Tips on holding a charity fundraiser

So you're thinking of holding a charity fundraiser but don't know where to start? Well you've come to the right place. Having been involved in charity fundraisers myself in college I have a few tips on how to make it a success Plan,Plan,Plan Its so important to start...

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All that glitters can be green

Green Shoes Events and Smallchanges Wholefoods Store are seeking ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly fashion designers, producers and retailers for a very festive fashion forum this December. All That Glitters Can be Green takes place on Friday December 15th from 6.30...

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