Who is an ‘Asylum Seeker’?

“Asylum seekers are people seeking protection as refugees, who are waiting for the authorities to decide on their applications. They are legally entitled to stay in the state until their application for protection is decided. They also have a right to a fair hearing...

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Desertification and forced migration

Desertification has led to the forced migration of thousands of people across the world in last few decades. The livelihood of people who depend on farming and agriculture are now forced to find other locations for survival.

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Tax dodging and its effects

What is tax? Tax is the main ingredient needed to fund public services, such as health and education. However, poorer nations often lose three times more money a year through tax dodging, than they get in aid. What is tax dodging? Tax dodging is one of the major...

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The big idea: activist parents

Parents have a unique role and learn from each other by sharing experiences and stories. Parents, as activists, can cut across society- we can be the voice to bring about change, not just in our own communities but, internationally.

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