A government for the people that represents the people

The 2018 US Midterm elections saw a change in the political landscape of the United States: Democrats won the House of Representatives. What’s more, the representatives leading this change herald from a diverse array of backgrounds, reflecting their constituents in a manner never before seen in the US.

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Censorship of art across the globe

According to a report titled ‘The State of Artistic Freedom 2018’, an average of one artist per week was prosecuted in 2017 for expressing themselves through creative methods: art, theatre, dance, literature.

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Sylvia Meehan– the subversive

Pionerring feminist, women’s rights advocate and workers rights activist Sylvia Meehan passed earlier this year after a long illness. The National Women’s Council of Ireland heralds Meehan as a “trailblazer for women’s equality.”

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