With approximately 700,000 Rohingya now living in Bangladesh, the upcoming monsoon season is likely to make living conditions even worse. The crisis stems from human rights abuses, perpetrated by the Myanmar security forces, as they refuse to recognise the citizenship of Rohingya muslims.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs has said that they continue to work with the UN and Myanmar, in the hopes of finding a humanitarian solution, calling for “an independent and impartial investigation into the serious and credible allegations of human rights violations by the Myanmar security forces”.  

However, progress has been painfully slow. In February, Ireland supported the EU’s position to condemn the human rights violations and imposed sanctions on Myanmar’s senior military officers. But not much has changed for the Rohingya refugees, stranded in Bangladesh.

Ireland has provided €1 million in 2017, with another €1 million allocated for 2018, pledged for food, shelter, water and sanitation. The Irish Aid Rapid Response facility has also provided 37 tonnes of hygiene, sanitation and shelter kits.

To read the Deparment’s statement in full, see here.


Above photo: the monsoon season will make conditions much worse for Rohingya refugees. By John Fowler on Unsplash

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