No matter what your age, fitness level or background, European Week of Sport wants you to get moving. The main message this week is to #BeActive in your everyday life, taking simple steps to achieve this. This year there are 27,000 participants taking part in 250 events across Ireland. Will you be one of them?

One organisation in Ireland who always encourage young people’s activity and integration in sport is Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI). SARI have been promoting social inclusion, cultural integration and peace building through sport since 1997.

On Saturday 23rd September, they had their 21st annual Soccerfest in the Phoenix Park, which brings ethnic minority communities together with indigenous Irish through soccer. It encourages everyone to have fun, while also raising awareness of the issues ethnic minorities can face. At this event, the European Week of Sport was launched.

While European Week of Sport is about fitness and health, according to SARI “Sport also has the potential
to build bridges and reinforce citizenship throughout Europe. There are now significant numbers of people from new communities living in every county in Ireland. People with ethnic minority backgrounds are most at risk of unemployment, marginalisation, poverty and discrimination”.

So why do they hold events like Soccerfest? “The European Union recently called for increased support and integration of people from ethnic minority backgrounds. While some progress has been made to address the needs and concerns of ethnic minorities in Ireland, integration is a long term process that requires continued efforts at local and national levels”. For more information on their events and how to get involved, visit

There are many events happening in Ireland this week, including Family SportFest, which takes place on Sunday 1st October in Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena. Check it out here for more info. For a full list of Irish events, take a look on the European Week of Sport website.

So get out there and get involved. And if you feel like taking greater action, why not take the #BeActive challenge? All you have to do is take a photo or video of yourself moving; you can run, jump, or even skip, it’s up to you! Then post them to social media. The most creative entry can win prizes including a GoPro and tickets to the European Championships 2018. Get the full details here and get snapping!

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