Addiction in Ireland

From its cause to its impact on individuals and our wider society, writer Gary Elbert looks at the state of drug addiction in Ireland.

For Earth’s Sake: our environmental crisis interpreted by young artists

Clara Corrigan reviews an environmental art exhibition curated by young activists.

Ethiopia leads the way for peacekeeping in Africa

In Africa, Ethiopia is leading the way in peacekeeping, welcoming refugees from neighboring countries and implementing progressive social measures.

Blue For Sudan movement: what’s the impact?

The #BlueForSudan movement has taken social media by storm in recent weeks. But is it really helping the people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Sudan? Rose Aydin reports.

How they (almost) knocked down the House

How did working class women, with no experience of politics whatsoever, manage to shake the establishment in four states of America? Netflix’s Knock Down the House documentary follows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and three other female candidates as they run for Congress in 2018.

Sudan: protesters for democracy massacred

Thousands of protesters in Sudan were violently broken up by military forces, leaving over a hundred people dead and many more injured.

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