Elections hinder Ebola operations in Democratic Republic of Congo

Humanitarian assistance in DRC struggles to keep up amidst ongoing insecurity, as elections bring about mass gatherings and protests.

Hungary: Silencing academia

Hungarian President Viktor Orbán continues to crackdown on democratic institutions and further his party’s rightwing agenda at the expense of academia and the press.

Indonesia’s Sunda Strait hit by tsunami following underwater volcanic eruption

On 22 December 2018 an eruption from the Anak Krakatau volcano triggered underwater landslides resulting in a tsunami affecting Indonesia’s Banten and Lampung provinces.

The reality of localisation in the humanitarian field

Localisation may be widely accepted in the humanitarian field as a concept, but in practice, how effective is localising aid? By looking at case studies, we can clearly see both the practical benefits of localisation as well as the challenges of implementation.

China refuses to import foreign waste under new policy

China’s decision to ban imports of foreign waste has left mountains of trash with nowhere to go and in the process, exposed how ineffective international waste management truly is.

No change on Irish Government’s opposition to change 27th Amendment

In 2004, the Twenty-Seventh Amendment of the Constitution Act 2004, amended the Irish Constitution so that children born in Ireland to parents who were both foreign nationals would no longer have an automatic right to Irish citizenship. The ramifications of which are garnering increasing national attention.

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