What Coronavirus Reveals about the Economic Stories We Tell

The coronavirus is showing up holes in our economic system and narratives that many have talked about for a long time. If we don’t learn these lessons now, what will it take to learn them?

Ireland’s Homeless: A Continued Crisis during COVID-19

The construction of homeless people as somehow separate from society has never been so blatantly invalid and widely harmful as it is today. Coronavirus does not recognise social divisions and homeless people play just as important a role in determining public health as anyone else. Government intervention during the pandemic demonstrates that homelessness is not an inevitable crisis and can be tackled when made a political priority.

COVID-19: How to Escape!

As people, many for the first time in their life, become tired of staring at a phone screen, they begin to look for other ways of entertaining themselves. This is where escapism comes in.

Betty Nyagoha from Nairobi, Kenya talks about the Gatoto school and COVID-19

Betty Nyagoha is the director of the “Gatoto Integrated Development Programme” in Nairobi, Kenya and talked to STAND News about the school itself and the challenges occuring through COVID-19.

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