International day of solidarity with Palestinian people

The 29th of November has been marked by the United Nations as the international day of solidarity with Palestinian people. It was in 1977 that the general assembly called for this day to be designated as such. This date was chosen as it has special significance for...

Looking at the work Suas do on World Children’s Day

  Every year on November 20th the world celebrates Universal Children's day.  The day was established by the United Nations in 1954. This year Unicef have invited children from all over the globe to voice their support through media for all their peers who are...

Safe Haven: plain sailing for refugees and Irish communities

Each group of young people step onto the boat as its passengers and disembark as its crew.

How to save energy this Christmas with your lights display

At Christmas time, we all want a brightly decorated home that can be seen from space and is the definition of festive. But how much is this costing us and the environment? Winter is the time of year where we use up the most energy in our homes, this has a rather big...

Villain of the month: plastic bottles

One hundred times more greenhouse gas pollution is created by the production of plastic bottles than turning on the tap for fresh water, according to the "Have you #got the bottle"  campaign led by Trocaire. Plastic bottles cause harm to marine life and it is...

All that glitters can be green

Green Shoes Events and Smallchanges Wholefoods Store are seeking ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly fashion designers, producers and retailers for a very festive fashion forum this December. All That Glitters Can be Green takes place on Friday December 15th from 6.30...

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Women’s Aid: 16 days of action campaign

Women's aid launched a campaign entitled "16 days of action" on the 25th of November and it will run until December 10th. The campaign has been raising awareness on the abuse of women and calling for changes on  a local, national and international level to make women...

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Three ways to be green this Christmas

Looking to be a bit more environmentally friendly this Christmas? Then look no further we are going to give you a few small ways you can go green this Christmas. So much money is spent on Christmas every year and subsequently there is a lot of waste that is harmful to...

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International migrants day

Today Monday December 18th marks, international migrants day. Throughout history people have migrated and it has been a brave act to overcome the troubles of where they are from and move elsewhere to better their lives. Nowadays migration can come with a sense of...

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