International Women’s Week at Trinity College Dublin

Celebrating and acknowledging the equality of the women in our own college community is a great place to start.

Welcoming refugees through sport

To join a typical football club is €75-250 a year and costs increase for many sports. Asylum seekers living in Direct Provision only receive €20 a week and €10 for children.  

Imagine a society free from sexual violence

We sat down with Jordan Campbell of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, to talk about the work they do, how to volunteer with them and what needs to change for sexual assault victims.

How does your college deal with sexual harassment and assault?

Despite growing public concern about sexual harassment and assault, Ireland’s 46 providers of higher education have varying levels engagement with the problem.

Villain of the month: Plastic Straws

Did you know plastic straws are only used once and then thrown away? In America, an estimated 500 million straws are used everyday and then become waste.

Helena Molony: Profile of an activist

To commemorate the centenary of Women’s suffrage in Ireland this year, we are bringing you a selection of profiles from female activists. These are women who campaigned for and shaped women’s rights in the early part of the 20th Century. They wrote and edited...

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