A storm in paradise

“This is a show about Syria although Syria is never mentioned.” Cáit Caden explores the Guggenheim’s Middle East and North African exhibitions.

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Inevitable violence?

Wartime rape for a long time was not acknowledged as there was a complete disregard of women’s experiences during a conflict. However, any form of sexual violence is a human rights violation and needs to be addressed internationally.

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Protect your Pride

The availability of PrEP is growing across the continents from Africa to Europe. In Ireland however, due to the expense of the drug, it is not as popular as it is internationally. For many it is simply not accessible.

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Banning the Burqa

Denmark decided that the burqa, used by women of the Islamic faith, would be banned after a vote of 75-30 of Danish lawmakers. The law does not explicitly mention burqas, however due to how much a burqa covers the face, the law consequently earned the nickname the “Burqa Ban.” The law will officially be officially enacted in August this year.

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Tackling Modern Slavery

Despite being illegal in many countries and recognised as a human rights violation, slavery and human trafficking still occur. STAND News spoke to UK-based charity, Unseen, about their work in combating modern slavery and human trafficking.

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