STAND’s Cedric spoke to Anthony Flynn, CEO of Inner City Helping Homeless to see how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Ireland’s homeless population. 

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Photo source: ICHH Facebook Page

Betty Nyagoha from Nairobi, Kenya talks about the Gatoto school and COVID-19

Betty Nyagoha is the director of the “Gatoto Integrated Development Programme” in Nairobi, Kenya and talked to STAND News about the school itself and the challenges occuring through COVID-19.

A Biodiversity Crisis in Ireland

Despite the Dáil passing a motion declaring a biodiversity emergency last May, little has happened since. Now, activists are calling for the implementation of an Irish garda unit dedicated to fighting wildlife crime.

Sarah Benson of Women’s Aid Ireland Talks Domestic Violence and COVID-19

Sarah Benson of Women’s Aid discusses the particular vulnerabilities many people are currently facing in Covid-19 lockdown in relation to domestic violence and what supports are available.

Documenting the Lesbos Human Experience with Fellipe Lopes

On the Greek island of Lesbos is the Moria refugee camp, constructed for 3,100 people but now with a population of more than 20,000 men, women and children.

Before lockdown, we met with one of the few people with first-hand experience of the camp, photojournalist Fellipe Lopes.

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