What? Laragh Pittman’s Culture Clinic is a space for conversation and creativity that encourages all of us to be part of a changing culture in Ireland.

Who? Everyone is welcome to attend the clinic, with the aim to bring together a wide range of people from the local and non local community. You will create crafts, talk about languages, landscapes and have deep discussions with other participants about what your culture means to you and how it does or doesn’t define you.

Why? The aim of the clinic is to integrate different cultures and create enough artistic material for a conversation space to be built, enabling people from all backgrounds and cultures to gather and socialise.

When and where? If you want to know more drop into the clinic which takes place at St. Andrew’s Community Centre in Rialto every Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00am until 1:00pm and open your mind to a new experience.

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Photo credit: The Culture Clinic. Pictured above is cultural art work by Shania, a Culture Clinic attendee

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