There are different types of covering worn by Muslim women all around the world. Most recognised coverings are burqa, hijab and niqab, but they all are different from each other. They are worn to symbolise culture and religious faith.

This is a rectangular scarf, which is loosely wrapped around the head and pinned or tugged near the neck. The extra part is placed at the shoulder.

This is generally described as the head-scarves worn by Muslim women. Hijabs come in different colours and designs. It is generally worn to cover the head and neck, leaving the face open.

The Al-Amira is a two piece veil, that wraps tightly around the head.

A khimar is a long cape like veil, which hangs down the shoulder up to the waist. It covers the head, neck and shoulder leaving the face.

The Chador is a long cloak, that covers the whole body but leaves the face open. A smaller scarf is often worn underneath, to cover the head.

A niqab is a veil, that covers a women from head to foot, leaving the eyes clear. It is accompanied with a head-scarf which covers the head and neck. It can also be worn with a separate eye veil.

This is the most concealing veils of all Islamic dresses. It is a single long piece that covers the whole body, with a mesh screen on the face to see through.



Top photo by Imat Bagja Gumilar on Unsplash


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