The UN’s most recent report estimates that 100 million people are homeless worldwide, while homelessness in Ireland has been steadily increasing over the past few years. According to figures published by Focus Ireland, the number of homeless people in Ireland has risen from 3,845 in January 2015 to 9,104 in January 2018. The level of homelessness globally has inspired people to come up with innovative solutions.

Iglou: France
French engineer, Geoffroy de Reynal created a waterproof and insulated “Iglou” made from polyethylene foam and aluminium foil. Reynal, who has experience in construction, created a 6.5 foot long and 4 foot wide “Iglou” as a shelter for those who cannot benefit from the official homeless program in France. Reynal has constructed 20 “Iglous” in Paris and Bordeaux and is ensuring homeless people retain their dignity and sense of security.

EMPWR Coat: Detroit
The “EMPWR Coat” is an innovative solution to sleeping rough. The coat doubles as a sleeping bag and over the shoulder bag. It consists of Cordura fabric well known for its durability and resistance to abrasions and tears. It also consists of upcycled automotive insulation.

The Detroit based non-profit organisation also  aims to tackle homelessness through employment and has employed 34 homeless people since 2012. People are encouraged to sponsor a coat for $100, with over 10,000 “EMPWR Coats” distributed across Canada and the U.S.  

The WeatherHYDE Tent: South Asia
This water resistant reversible tent created by billionBricks is helping displaced families in South and Southeast Asia. It is designed to protect from the cold and from extreme heat with its reflective panels. In India 15 families have lived in the super light WeatherHYDE tent so far. In November 2016 a Kickstarter Campaign raised more than $145,000 to provide 500 tents to displaced families.

Photo by G. Crescoli on Unsplash

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